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Chip8 Wikipedia is a collaborative website about Chip8 computer systems, werid and scratch that anyone see it ther username.

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that dude for scratch is the most hated scratcher but he had Followers 9 now Followers 14 after 16



He lives in UAE.

and now he moved to dlriw_hctarcS.

his alts: proguy5782, notdaisythedog45, carolinagalindo3632, 40rod40, anitdaisythedog45, amnotdeeoliart, notdeeoliart, dinos35949, ferretisawesome, SerbiaIsKing, youarehuntedbymaria, ILovealy12295, deeolifurry, aishahusien, a bunch of students of aishahusien, ture_storys, 2010fifa_fan, daisyisbad, nedved_fan, and dlriw_hctarcS.